Famed Architect Anthony Morali Joins Green Stream Holdings Inc. Board of Directors

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) a holding company of Green Stream Finance, Inc., a company that focuses on currently unmet markets in the solar energy space through its innovative proprietary solar product offerings, financed for customers via its public and private partnerships, today announced that the famed architect Anthony Morali has joined the Company’s Board of Directors; Mr. Morali will also serve as Director of Sustainability Development of Green Rain Solar, LLC, a Nevada-based division of the Company focused on development of next-generation solar greenhouses. Morali’s unique design uses customized red greenhouse glass and seamless solar panels which significantly increases plant growth by 94 percent. 

Green Stream and Mr. Morali have been engaged in a joint partnership to develop these revolutionary greenhouses as well as other state-of-the-art solar projects in rapidly growing solar markets. Mr. Moreli is the founder of Morali Architects and Renewable Energy Development (R.E.D.) and is he prodigy behind the Company’s groundbreaking greenhouse designs.

Mr. Morali has been a member and volunteered with the Mayor Of New York City’s advisory zoning council Community Board 5. He continues to be on the Society of American Registered Architects from 1995 to current. Mr. Morali has been the director of the United National International Renewable Energy Sector from 2007 to today. Mr. Morali has received several awards including the successful zoning and landmark development. Additionally, the Distinguished Service Award for his commitment to Green zoning.

He additionally managed the Board of Standards and Appeals city planning and zoning projects with Salvati Architects. Today Mr. Morali notable architecture include adaptive reuse of New York city’s landmark commercial buildings. The Rainbow room in Rockefeller Center, Cipriani at 55 Wall Street as well as Cipriani at the Grand Central Terminal. The conversion of the Bowery Bank into the renowned Capital event space, among other historic locations throughout Midtown, SoHo, and Tribeca. During the past decade, Mr. Morali began integrating solar and alternative energy systems into his projects in innovative design. Mr. Morali design and developed the Solar Rail, the project interrogated structural glazing to the created balcony railing, terrace wall, or guardrails that generate electricity..

Prior to Mr. Morali creating his own firm he apprenticed under nationally renowned architects, Anthony S. Diproperzia and Persich Gaiacopelli. Both designed the Metropolitan Museum of art, The Catholic Medical center of Brooklyn & Queens to name just a few.

Mr. Moreli said: “Green Stream is a wonderful vehicle for bringing my work to a larger market. During the past decade, I began integrating solar and alternative energy systems into my projects for more sustainable designs. I founded and developed SolarRail, a building integrated photovoltaic application that incorporates the benefits of thin-film photovoltaics with structural glazing to create balcony railings, terrace walls, or guardrails that generate electricity… and have received two awards for successful zoning and landmark development, and a Distinguished Service award for my commitment to Green Building. Green Stream’s targeted clients and markets are a natural extension of my work and vision.”

“Green Stream, utilizing my technologies, can help the underserved solar power markets and the customized greenhouse glass can help all growers to create more harvests in a given time period. This can help both the cannabis growers markets and can also transform cities via urban farming programs for neighborhoods in cities that presently do not have access to healthy options for healthily living in the inner cities… bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to local farmers markets to increase healthy food choices at corner stores.”

President of Green Stream, Ms. Madeline Cammarata, commented: “We at Green Stream are pleased to officially welcome Mr. Morali to the Board of Directors as we continue to deepen our existing partnership.  Mr. Morali’s expertise in solar construction and design is renowned throughout the industry. We look forward to Mr. Morali playing a critical role in the design and development of our state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities throughout the United States as we continue to accelerate our expansion plans and generate value for our shareholders.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the Company’s announcement of its plans to issue another special stock dividend to its common shareholders of two shares of common stock for every 100 shares of common stock held on the to be announced, new Record Date. The new Record Date will be announced shortly. No convertible or preferred stockholders will be eligible for this upcoming distribution, nor were they included in the previous special dividend.

Regina Revazova