Green Stream Finance, Inc. Announces Symbol Change and Provides Update on Recent Company Milestones

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Company to Showcase Proprietary Solar Greenhouse Technology at the American Institute of Architecture Conference on June 6

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (ticker symbol GSFI) operating as a holding company of Green Stream Finance, Inc., is pleased to announce its new symbol change to current and future shareholders. The new symbol (GSFI) is part of a multi-faceted effort to bring brand awareness to the Company’s innovative “Green Stream” and “Green Rain” solar product offerings. 

Recent milestones and exciting developmental plans include the Company’s imminent presentation of its trademarked solar greenhouse design technology at the American Institute of Architecture  (AIA) Conference June 6 -8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This development comes on the heels of the Company’s recent announcement that it had begun planning the construction of a solar greenhouse to be located in the heart of downtown, Las Vegas. The next-generation greenhouse, whose technology significantly increases plant growth by 94 percent, is to be erected in conjunction with famed architect Anthony Morali. The Company has entered into a joint partnership with Mr. Morali with whom it is engaged on a number of significant current and planned solar projects. The solar greenhouses are developed and managed through Green Rain Solar, LLC, a Nevada-based division of the Company. 

Green Stream Finance, Inc. is currently pursuing multiple high growth segments of the solar industry and now has operations and/or licenses to operate in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, and Canada. 

In New York City where the cost of electricity is particular onerous, the Company is targeting 50,000 to 100,000 square feet of rooftop space in the near term on which it will install solar panels. Revenues through direct sales to building owners are expected to generate a 20 percent return over 20 years on these community solar projects. In other unmet markets, Green Stream is making significant progress in gaining high revenue customers through simple leasing agreements and PPAs of its solar infrastructure and next-generation solar battery technology. 

Over the next 12 months, the Company plans to place over $5,000,000 into the financing of Power Purchase Agreements with nonprofit and municipal organizations with a 12% return on investment by the sale of power to many school buildings in large districts in New York City, several of which have already expressed an interest in working with the Company. 

Madeline Cammarata, President of Green Stream Finance, Inc., a widely recognized branding expert and entrepreneur with decades of experience both developing iconic brands and forecasting for major brand designs, commented on the Company’s advantageous market position and future plans:

Quote, “As we move aggressively into the rapidly increasing solar markets our focus will be twofold: 1) We will continue to showcase our game-changing proprietary greenhouse technology and design to the solar-focused architectural community; and 2) We will continue high-revenue solar opportunities particularly in New York City where the Company is posed to gain a significant market footprint.  We plan to make the Green Stream brand synonymous with next- generation solar technology and elegant design throughout this booming industry. Working closely with our close friend and partner, the renowned architect Anthony Morali, will remain critical in our continuing efforts to expand brand awareness of our Company’s highly innovative solar products. We are in a uniquely advantageous position to distinguish ourselves from competitors in this growing space.” End quote 

Madeline Cammarata has replaced Ken Williams as President, who recently resigned from his position. The Company wishes Mr. Williams much success in all his future endeavors. 

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