VGTel, Inc.’s Mike The Pike Entertainment Initiates Purchase for TV/Film/GN Rights to Roger Zelazny’s ‘Lord of Light’

VGTel, Inc.’s (OTC:VGTL) (“VGTL” or the “Company”) wholly owned subsidiary, Mike The Pike Entertainment (MTP), an IP acquisition, development and production company, is pleased to announce that it has made payment toward its first installment to fully acquire the film/tv rights to Roger Zelazny’s groundbreaking sci-fi/fantasy epic, Hugo Award winning ‘Lord of Light’. 

Synopsis: On a colony planet in which reincarnation has become retail, a brilliant hermit finds himself at the helm of a revolution when he returns to society to obtain a new, younger body and discovers his former colleagues have used the same technology to fashion themselves as gods while keeping society in the dark ages.  Read more here:

“This is a pivotal event for our company and its shareholders.  Lord of Light is the first property that the Company is in process of purchasing outright, without financial partners, giving it full control over who it works with to develop for series or otherwise.”

“This book is a world-builder’s paradise and well positioned for adaptation to screen.  We plan to explore opportunities on a parallel track for feature and series with development in-house to attach key elements prior to partnering with a major studio/streamer for exploitation. We are leaning toward series first and foremost, with a possibility of feature spin-offs. I believe we have a compelling story whose themes are best summed up by Gautham Shenoy in a recent article in which he states:

“Where does one begin to write about one of the finest and most enduringly popular SF novels ever written? By speaking about how it influenced the modern classic American Gods, whose author Neil Gaiman counts Lord of Light as one of his favourite books, as does George RR Martin? uses science fiction to talk about religion and revolution, how absolute power corrupts absolutely, about freedom, the class system, suffering, social inequality, conflict and gender fluidity.”

“I’m confident we have a lucrative, multi-season television series on our hands.  We are currently identifying key assets/partners for development toward a deal with a network/studio.”

Mike The Pike Entertainment also has key updates on The Mice Templar, which it will announce once studio approval is granted. 


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