Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc/Green Stream Finance Newly Appointed CEO Madeleine Cammarata Issues Letter to Shareholders

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Eagle Oil Holding Company Inc. (ticker symbol EGOH) President and CEO Madeleine Cammarata, issues the following letter to shareholders: 

Dear Fellow Shareholders:

I’d like to introduce myself and update you on Green Stream Finance’s initiatives toward expedited growth and increase in shareholder value as we continue to cultivate fundamental impact toward success for all involved.  

Per previous announcements, our management team has been working diligently with previous management to effect the merger and Board of Directors for both companies have finalized due diligence and we are happy to announce that the merger is completed. All previous management, officers and directors will be removed as we complete steps to ensure all filings are current and up to date with OTC Markets. 

We are pleased to have recently rounded out our Board with the addition of James Ware as a director.  As previously announced, Mr. Ware previously generated over $35 million in revenue for Hughes Network/DirecTV in combined product sales, television programming, and hardware equipment sales and distribution. His award winning company was the #1 Elite Dealer for Hughes Network/DirecTV in Midwest North America, and #1 in EchoStar/Dish network sales. In addition to his extensive background in sales and marketing, Mr. Ware is vastly experienced in the field of construction and solar development.

Mr. Ware will be involved in the sales division of the company as well as acting in the capacity of VP of Solar Construction. Before coming on board with Eagle Oil, Mr. Ware was a partner and project manager for Matrix, LLC’s commercial real-estate division, Las Vegas, NV. He was charged with overseeing over $20 million in new project development properties on the Las Vegas strip, and a multi dwelling, 28 custom home build in Suburban Las Vegas, NV. 

The Company has submitted for an official name change with FINRA from Eagle Oil Holding Company to Green Stream Holdings, Inc. so we are properly positioned with our brand as we continue to gain traction toward becoming a key player the arena of financing of solar greenhouses, and solar farms through the use of rooftops of buildings, providing immediate tangible commercial value to the structures once implemented. 

Green Stream’s mission is to provide its clients with innovative solar infrastructure solutions as well as financing that allows them to further distribute their energy-efficient services and products like rooftop vegetables. Due to its rapid growth, it has become an industry leader in financing companies that operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are also confident our company can play a significant role in the world of agriculture and companies involved in food processing as well as marketing and distribution of vegetables. Our solar technology allows companies to grow fresh veggies year-round using our proprietary system that can provide solar energy year-round. For more information please visit our website at   www.greenstreamfinance.com

With the Green Stream rooftop method of growing vegetables, the grower incurs tremendous saving in handling, transporting, and marketing the product. It is estimated that a supermarket or processing company will be able to produce up to 100,000 pounds of lettuce per year. 

In addition to the cost savings, consumers benefit thru a longer growth cycle, thereby making the vegetables fresher and less expensive to the consumer, while reducing the carbon footprint that comes from the elimination of hundreds of trucks going up and down the highway to pick up and deliver vegetables that are now grown on the rooftop.

We are currently in the process of building a unique solar greenhouse in Las Vegas that will be a showcase as to what is to come. Visit the website for the virtual tour. 

I’m sure you will be impressed, and maybe even , a little proud of the small part that we can all play in cutting carbon emissions, and greenhouse gases by eliminating thousands of delivery trucks around the country driving up and down the highway to deliver vegetables, that are now grown on rooftops in every local neighborhood.

We believe that this concept is a gamechanger and the results will show up as soon as the first harvest starts to bear its fruits. We believe that if we are correct, the market and share price will respond accordingly.

I intend to keep you all informed as to current events, as well as longer range plans that will impact the growth of our company.

Madeleine Cammarata, President

For more information, email the Company:


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