SinglePoint Subsidiary ShieldSaver Launches New Mobile App in Colorado, California and Arizona


SinglePoint (OTCQB ticker symbol SING) a fully reporting company with assets in many verticals including mobile technology, cannabis services, blockchain, and renewable energy projects announces the official launch of ShieldSaver. SinglePoint acquired ShieldSaver early 2018 with the intent to disrupt the $12 Billion dollar automotive glass industry. ShieldSaver is now operational in Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and Wally Park’s Denver International Airport (DIA) locations. The company has recently completed its first round of end to end transactions with the newly built interface. This is a huge success for the company and has already sparked interest from other leading companies in the space.

Recently, Dan Shikiar, founder of ShieldSaver joined Greg Lambrecht, CEO of SinglePoint in this video interview to provide an overview and insight to ShieldSaver and how the concept was developed. 

To view full video please proceed to SinglePoint’s YouTube channel: SinglePoint Mobile. 

Quote, “With the new application SinglePoint led in developing over the past year, we have started to grab a lot of attention. Opportunities have started to pile up after our first showcase – people who see the ShieldSaver platform absolutely love it.  We feel this market is underserved and is ripe for new technologies to streamline for customers and providers,” end quote, states Dan Shikiar founder of ShieldSaver.

Quote, “We spent over 9 months with our development team completely rebuilding the ShieldSaver platform.  We feel it is one of the most sophisticated apps to date for automotive glass space, and has the potential to expand beyond that vertical to the automotive repair market as well,” states Greg Lambrecht, adding, “Our model for ShieldSaver mirrors that of AirBnB, 1-800-FLOWERS, and other sales aggregators that bring the experience to the consumer.” End quote. 

Now that the mobile application has been developed and data is being recorded, SinglePoint and ShieldSaver will start the build out of a blockchain solution to append this data. This will help in access and distribution of the data to the key parties that need it.

The Automotive Glass Market surpassed $12 Billion in 2017 and is predicted to exhibit around a 7% CAGR between 2018 and 2024. ShieldSaver has entered into strategic partnerships with some of the largest companies in the space, including Mygrant Glass, Wally Park, LAZ Parking, and others further positioning the company for rapid growth.


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