Diego Pellicer – Colorado Celebrates
Second Anniversary On Valentine’s Day Announcing Record-Breaking Sales



Triple digit year-over-year growth; Innovation, premium product and industry expertise keep Diego Pellicer-Colorado on a sweet path of success 

On Valentine’s Day, good things often come in pairs. For Diego Pellicer – Colorado, a couple of years have been good to the West Alameda location. Valentine’s Day marks the store’s second anniversary and another important reason to celebrate: triple digit growth. Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. (OTCQB ticker symbol DPWW), the premium marijuana brand and retail development company, today announced the Denver licensee’s location has reported an astounding 111% year-over-year growth from Jan. 2017 to Jan. 2019. 

Quote, “It’s a winning combination: outstanding customer service, premium marijuana and competitive prices. Clearly, Diego Pellicer – Colorado has struck a chord in the cannabis marketplace, demonstrating how Diego Pellicer Worldwide licensed tenants bring a world-class experience to customers,” said Ron Throgmartin, chief executive officer, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. “We congratulate Diego Pellicer – Colorado’s team on its success. With our leadership, branding model and experience, we look forward to helping other retailers and operators experience such prosperity.” End quote.

Innovation, Cannabis Expertise and Collaboration 

To better serve its increasing customer base, Diego Pellicer – Colorado recently introduced an app for Android where customers can order from current, in-store inventory, browse the product photo gallery, take a virtual tour of the store, get instant notifications of product specials and stay connected via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The app can be downloaded directly at co.diego-pellicer.com/android/  [c o dot diego dash pellicer dot com slash forward android slash forward]

Quote, “Whether it’s the convenience of ordering online or offering a new, premium product category, we are constantly working to make the Diego shopping experience a pleasure for our customers,” said Nicholas Jack, chief retail officer, Diego Pellicer – Colorado. “We stay current with the market trends out here in Colorado and work hard to ensure we carry what's in demand,” end quote. Strong relationships with vendors allow Diego Pellicer – Colorado to consistently offer the most premium flower and cannabis products the industry has to offer, the moment the products are available to the public.

About Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. (OTCQB ticker symbol DPWW) 

Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. is the premium marijuana brand and management company. In addition to its branded locations in Colorado and Washington, the company actively seeks to develop and manage high-end, turnkey cannabis retail stores. When federally legal, DPWW is positioned to become a national, vertically integrated marijuana company. To learn more about how to become a branded Diego Pellicer retailer, cultivator or investor visit www.Diego-Pellicer.com


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