Stock Wave Announces Revolutionary Audio Press Release Service for Public Companies and Investor Relations Firms

Stock Wave, a division of Open Conversation LLC, is officially launching an audio press release service geared toward publicly traded companies such as SinglePoint, Rising Biosciences, HempAmericana, Inc. and Investor Relations firms that utilize cutting edge tools for overall company exposure.

Founder Regina Revazova, describes the service as a press release for today’s shareholder, “It is your company’s press release in audio format, voiced and recorded in professional sound booths and studios by on-air talent and sound engineers; edited and mixed with sound idents and background ambiance.”

“Each audio press release is treated as a standalone episode via main podcast channels iTunes and Stitcher, among others and distributed to its growing base of listeners every morning. The audience base is a diverse group of users actively seeking information on opportunities in the markets, particularly those in the OTC Markets.

This is one-of-a-kind product and Stock Wave now positioned to offer its audio services to a larger pool of clients. SinglePoint Inc., one of our regular clients, has seen a major audience growth since joining our audio services one year ago.

Our data suggests at least three times more listeners per episode compared to the views of a written press release. These numbers reflect broader growth of the audio news field.

According to The Podcast Consumer 2018 Edison research, audio content consumption increased from 22 percent in 2006 to 64 percent in 2018, roughly 180 million people in the United States alone.  Your audio ID strategy in representing your brand or business must be strategically defined and created, suggest Princeton Partners - a strategic brand marketing podcast.

To learn more about how we can maximize exposure and shareholder accessibility for your company and clients, visit us at

Subscribing is easy: via iTunes please follow the link; via Stitcher please follow the link.

Be up to date on news coming directly from our growing list of companies and access the service for your own company or client base to give you access to a growing base of shareholders across a number of industries, actively looking for news in a format that saves you the work of creating your own podcast. 

We at Stock Wave have years of experience working for major radio outlets such as BBC and NPR. Our team is comprised of trained sound engineers, on air talent, producers and sound designers to turn your press release into an audio masterpiece.



Stock  Wave is a production house   that provides audio visual services to a variety of clients.  We are a team of sound engineers, producers, editors, on-air talent, and video makers.  For more information please contact us: 


Regina Revazova

Managing Partner, Stock Wave


Regina Revazova