Players Network Files for 6 Dispensaries In Nevada

Player’s Network, Inc. (OTCQB:PNTV), a rapidly growing company in the recreational and medical marijuana industry with licensed grow operations in 2 states, announced today its subsidiary, Green Leaf Farms Holdings, has filed 6 applications for dispensaries in Nevada, each with its own location.

The marijuana license application process was only open to existing license holders like Green Leaf Farms. The process is both extensive and thorough, looking at a dozen criteria such as; experience of officers, management and advisors, existence and quality of locations, quality of operational business plan, and ability to gain funding.  The applications exceeded 1,700 total pages of information and took over 8 weeks working day and night to prepare.

The company secured lease type options for all 6 dispensaries locations. They also assembled a prestigious board of advisers and management as part of the application process. The advisors represent leaders in both industry and community, several are extremely accomplished and associated with household names. Players Network is not able to disclose the locations or its board members, management or advisors that provided references and advice since the state requires the application to be unidentified to create a fair scoring system.

Mark Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, commented, there is no guarantee that we will get any licences, but we have very good odds based on meeting all the merits required by the state.  We assembled an amazing team of experienced business people that have joined our team and should score very high among our competition. Christine Kramar recently joined our team and has been managing the application process for Green Leaf and has done an impressive job interpreting every detailed requirement adds Bradley.

Brett H. Pojunis, PNTV Director adds, quote, “our move to apply for dispensaries and become vertically integrated is a part of our commitment to grow the company internally as well as externally through acquisition.” End quote. 

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Regina Revazova