ORHub Announces Launch of Client Advisory Board

ORHub, Incorporated (OTCQB:ORHB) a HIPAA compliant, physician-driven digital software company focused on improving profitability and the cost effectiveness of hospitals through real-time smart data and analytics, today announces that ORHub has launched a formal Client Advisory Board (CAB).

Quote, ”Establishing a client advisory board enables us to develop next-generation digital solutions to eliminate the legacy inefficiencies in the operating room (OR) through automation at the point-of-care.  We expect to add notable health systems on both the east and west coasts in the coming weeks. By working side by side with our clients, ORHub will continue to drive real-time technology innovation to optimize the efficiency of care,” end quote, said Colt Melby, Chief Executive Officer of ORHub.

The Company is currently selecting suitable healthcare systems to join the CAB which will be committed to the Stewardship of MedicineTM, value-based healthcare, transparency and veracity of data technologies to enable economic and informative decision-making.  In turn, ORHub will provide CAB members with pipeline product priority, customized analytics and pricing discounts.  

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Regina Revazova