Let The Games Begin: Investview Acquires United Games

Investview Corporation (OTCQB:INVU) successfully closed the acquisition of United Games and United League companies on Friday, July 20th, 2018 in a deal that includes the Utah based companies wholly owned technology, staff and trademarks including the well-known FireFan mobile app.

United Games is a social gaming environment accessed through its FireFan mobile app and sold primarily through United Games affiliates. This acquisition provides Investview a wholly owned subsidiary that provides key synergies to its largest subsidiary, Kuvera, LLC.

United Games brings [the following] key benefits:

  • Customizable back office
  • Customizable commission engine
  • FireFan game/mobile App
  • FireFan brand (registered and trademarked)
  • In-house development team to deliver new and integrated technologies
  • Existing incoming revenue
  • Multiple newly engaged affiliates
  • An extensive network of contacts, customers & affiliates
  • 19,000 active paying members
  • Access to 1.5 million person database

”When we started United Games, we set out to change the way people participate in live events in the exciting world of sports through a mobile app. Over the last two years, we've grown into a vibrant community of people from all around the globe that use and appreciate digital products of all kinds. Our tools and technologies have also evolved from a sports-centric app, into a robust technology platform that can be used to attract, educate, and provide value to our customers across the digital products space. Bringing our technology and community together with Kuvera's unique blend of digital products along with their expertise creates an exciting new opportunity for growth,” said United Games COO/CTO Ben Eggett.

Investview believes the technology and distribution model of both Kuvera and United Games will benefit from a common management and technology team able to improve, create, expand and deliver leading edge products and services while reducing operational costs and dependency on third-party providers.

Ryan Smith, Investview CEO added, "We are a financial technology company. The ability to combine the United Games infrastructure and expertise to our Kuvera team will enable us to meet our expansion objectives. By acquiring companies that are accretive to our delivery mechanism, customer base, and distribution model, we can grow faster and control operational costs. We seek to deliver best in class products and United Games brings us the expertise and architecture that will ensure we reach our goal.”

United Games will continue to operate independently of Kuvera, yet the executives and personnel team will begin the transition immediately to a common operations and development team for both companies.

Regina Revazova