LastMile Delivery App Will Enable Effectively Manage Cannabis Delivery | 3/29/2018

SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING) announces LastMile Delivery, a platform giving small businesses and cannabis delivery companies a solution to efficiently manage deliveries. This is the first app launched under SinglePoint’s joint venture with AppSwarm (OTC:SWRM). The two companies have closely worked together to define and launch a scalable service geared toward providing an agnostic platform for delivery businesses to accept orders, locate drivers and keep records of each delivery every step of the way, from initial manifest to completion of delivery product. The application is currently under review, and it is anticipated it will be approved for beta testing in app stores soon. Once official acceptance occurs, SinglePoint and AppSwarm will launch beta testing, implement feedback and launch the production service. The companies estimate production should occur within 45 to 60 days.

The current status quo in the cannabis delivery space is to simply keep hand and electronic records of delivery manifests. LastMile aims to automate this for delivery services and provide a way to simply keep track of and verify all delivery activities. Many states require these businesses to keep all delivery records, but there is not currently a standout provider to make the process efficient. SinglePoint and AppSwarm believe that LastMile will increase the efficiency of delivery services as well as sales for cannabis businesses through use of order-ahead capabilities and enabling customers to locate the service nearest to them.

LastMile Delivery will provide the tools for cannabis delivery businesses to have an Uber-like feel when it comes to their orders and deliveries. Many state laws prevent simply letting any contract driver deliver cannabis; drivers must have credentials and licenses to deliver cannabis. LastMile will provide drivers with an easy, convenient way to verify both their own credentials and the credentials of patients who are receiving deliveries, enabling businesses to use their own drivers or credentialed drivers who are licensed to pick up and deliver cannabis.

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