HempAmericana Announces Purchase Of CBD Purification System

HempAmericana, Inc., (HMPQ) is proud to announce the Company’s purchase of a Gilson CPC 1000 centrifugal partition chromatography separator system with a PLC 2500 HPLC+UV Detector – a next-generation processing system capable of producing 99% pure CBD Oil concentrate in scalable quantities widely viewed as a market-leading technology for maximizing the purity and potency of extracted CBD Oil. The Company has already ordered and fully paid for this equipment, which is set to ship in coming days and expected to arrive before the end of the month.

HempAmericana CEO, Salvador Rosillo, commented, “We are fully committed to delivering the highest quality product in every respect. Too many producers treat CBD Oil as a commodity. The truth is: there is a huge spectrum in terms of quality. CBD Oil varies wildly by both potency and purity. We are setting up our Augusta facility from the ground up to be the market leaders in capacity, potency, and purity. And the new Gilson CPC system is a major step toward that objective.” 

According to research, centrifugal partition chromatography (the process delivered by the Company’s new CPC 1000 system) can process 5g of crude extract of Cannabis sativa flowers, separating CBD and THC with high precision and filtering out pesticides and impurities, to produce 205 mg of exceptional CBD Oil with a purity score over 99% (as shown by high performance liquid chromatography analysis).

The precise system purchased by the Company is capable of producing between 3.5 and 7.2 kg per day of >99% pure CBD Oil. The system has numerous advantages that should give HempAmericana a market-leading edge, including:

• High injection capacity

• No need for pre-treatment prior to injection

• No denaturation of fragile molecules

• No risk of a blocked or contaminated column

Management also notes that the CPC methodology is also more scalable at a faster flow-rate and with less sample loss than typical first-generation “flash and prep HPLC” purification systems.

This equipment will work in tandem with the Company’s new Vitalis R-200 supercritical CO2 CBD Oil Extraction machine on-site, making its Augusta, Maine facility one of the most advanced high-capacity CBD Oil extraction and processing facilities in the Eastern US market.

Ryan Titmas, Vice President, Gilson Americas, commented, “Gilson is excited to provide our customers in the Natural Products markets with our Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Systems (CPC). The CPC solution is a silica-free technology that isolates the maximum amount of a specific molecule at the highest purity possible in the shortest amount of time. Our solution provides a fully scalable process from grams to kilograms, meaning a clear ROI for our clients. I’m excited to see companies like HempAmericana utilize Gilson technologies to produce the best product possible in the shortest amount of time.”

HMPQRegina Revazova