HempAmericana Issues New Letter To Shareholders

Dear Valued Shareholder,

Today is 30th day that we have been working with OTC Markets Group. We value that process and relationship very highly and will continue to work side-by-side with them to satisfy all outstanding issues and comply with all requests.

As previously announced, HempAmericana has hired an audit firm and begun the process of a one-year audit to comply with the standards for a tier uplisting onto the OTCQX exchange. We hope to complete this process over the next thirty 30 days. We plan to then undertake the two-year audit process for a further tier uplisting onto the OTCQB exchange.

On the operational side, we are awaiting the arrival of the Vitalis team here in Maine as we get set to launch our R-200 high-capacity supercritical CO2 CBD Oil extraction unit. We are also eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new Gilson CPC 1000 centrifugal partition chromatography separator system. We now stand on the precipice of initial production of the highest grade CBD Oil on the market today.

Construction is coming along at our primary facility in Augusta. However, due to the multiple nor’easters that hit the coast in succession followed by heavy snowfall, the timeline was set back slightly. That said, we continue to make good time and construction is fully back underway.

Perhaps most exciting right now is the powerful wave of print marketing the Company has been attracting as we ramp towards production and entrance into the marketplace. We are thrilled to be working with High Times. The iconic magazine released a spectacular article on HempAmericana yesterday, and you can see the article at hightimes.com.  

In addition, we will be featured on the cover of the March edition of CannaInvestor magazine (for the second time in recent months) with a beautiful 26-page spread. This upcoming feature story should be an excellent source of rich content about the Company’s goals, assets, and the great promise that lies ahead for HempAmericana.

Finally, we are pleased to share with Company shareholders the news that HempAmericana is expanding its business model with a strong focus on M&A in high-growth areas.

We are already in the due diligence phase of a potential acquisition. Given our positioning as a top CBD Oil producer, we believe the opportunity is ripe to enter the booming CBD-Infused Water market as a highly synergistic corollary strategy. We are currently pursuing a possible cash and restricted stock deal that should accomplish this objective efficiently and effectively and grant us a top-tier position in that space.

The Company is also engaged in research and due diligence related to additional acquisitions in the Hemp farm space in potential cash and restricted stock deals with the goal of streamlining our sourcing of hemp input for extraction and processing activities.

As it stands, we are currently in the middle of closing the land deal announced last month, which will allow the Company to cross-pollinate high-grade Hemp as we continue to strive toward maximizing product quality.

We will update our valued shareholders on all of these exciting themes again in the very near future!

Bets Regards, 

Salvador Rosillo 

HMPQRegina Revazova