SinglePoint to Add Leading Hemp CBD Product from TorusMed to


SinglePoint Incorporated, (OTCQB:SING) announces that it has entered into an agreement with TorusMed Inc., a subsidiary of PetroSun Inc. (PSUD) to distribute TorusMed Hemp CBD products on two of their e-commerce channels; and TorusMed will drop ship product directly to the customers. 

SinglePoint plans to have the products on the site within the week and will provide an update when ordering is live for the products.

The product line will include Sport Relief Topical Cream which was designed for use by professional and amateur athletes. Sport Relief is non-detect THC, meaning there are no traces of THC in the topical, and triple-processed to make it our purest formula yet. With non-detect, you can use this formula no matter what your job or profession. Triple-processed means Sport Relief is miles beyond the competition in the purity of the cannabinoids and terpenes that your body is receiving. Sport Relief has no offensive odor and will not stain clothes.  Upon application, it creates a pleasant sensation, with no oily or gritty feel to be found.

TorusMed specializes in cutting-edge technological advances in cultivation which produce world-renowned, completely organic, full-plant extract tinctures and topical creams for medical and home remedies. We are committed to the utmost protection of every phase from seed to oil, providing the highest quality, natural product at a price everyone can afford. With our 7-step purity process, cutting-edge cultivation and extraction, TorusMed sets the standard of Hemp extracts. We are inspired by the plant: keep it pure, and the healing is pure. Our extracts contain no contaminants; they are organic, non-GMO, and of the purest quality: the way the plant is supposed to be. Grown for you.

Gordon LeBlanc, Jr., President of TorusMed states, quote, “I am pleased to announce our distribution deal with SinglePoint. We have seen the success SinglePoint has had through and believe that TorusMed will be one of the best sellers. TorusMed products have taken years to develop in partnerships with industry experts and other highly qualified parties so we are confident and believe that our products are one of the best in the market,” end quote.

Wil Ralston, President at Singlepoint commented, quote, “We are excited to add TorusMeds’ line of CBD products. We have met the team and seen the glowing reviews from TorusMed customers. We believe TorusMed and their suite of products will provide additional revenue for SinglePoint,” end quote. 

TorusMed is currently working with renowned doctors and a University to develop CBD that would potentially be pharmaceutical grade. SinglePoint plans to participate in this development with TorusMed and be a part of a new way of facilitating the safe and repeated growth of specific strains of CBD in a controlled environment.

The two sites, and, are subsidiaries of SING.

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