HempAmericana Unveils New Web Presence Ahead of Expanded Commercial Operations

HempAmericana, Inc. (OTC:HMPQ) is excited to announce the official launch of the Company’s new website www.hempamericana.com, which includes a variety of multimedia information, including updates on the latest developments on the Company’s progress as it strives to become the leading high-capacity producer of premium CBD Oil and CBD-based products in the eastern US market. 

Salvador Rosillo, HempAmericana CEO, commented, “The new Website is the best place to keep up with our progress as we get production into full gear. Anyone interested can track all new developments there, including a beautiful gallery page that has pictures and videos of our primary extraction and production facility in Augusta, Maine.” 

In addition to the launch of the new website, HempAmericana is also eager to update shareholders on two important developments. 

First, the Company would like to update shareholders on its recent cut in Authorized Shares. Prior to this move, the Company’s total Authorized Shares stood at 6 billion. Total Authorized Shares now stand at 3.75 billion, representing a 37.5% reduction in dilution potential. 

Second, the Company continues to aggressively develop its resources for marketing HempAmericana’s business, corporate identity, and coming products through proactive media and messaging outreach, digital communications strategies, and active use of social media and networks surrounding targeted influencers. The Company also intends to engage with partners to assist in expanding the scope of communications in order to improve corporate transparency and visibility. 

Mr. Rosillo continues, “We have been cleaning up every loose end in sight as we prepare for an aggressive ramp in production activities and commercial operations. We’ve streamlined the cap table, cleared the Caveat Emptor designation on OTCmarkets.com, and taken steps to massive augment our visibility through the creation of a beautiful new website and a major expansion in our social media and digital marketing relationships. We are working hard every day to lay a strong foundation for the excitement that lies ahead for HempAmericana.”  

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