SinglePoints’ Bitcoin Wallet SingleCoin Surpasses 12,000 Downloads in Successful National Launch

SING Crypto.jpeg

SinglePoint, Inc. (SING on OTCQB) – announces the recently launched Bitcoin wallet application has surpassed 12,000 installs and is continuing increased activity. Recently the company launched a national TV campaign featuring Kevin Harrington an original Shark on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

Nielsen estimates that 69,000 people between the ages of 35-64 were tuned at the time of the commercial airing. We believe this also drove additional traffic to SinglePoint outlets such as their website and YouTube channel which has had over 1,000,000 users visit in the past few weeks.

SinglePoint is working to add Ethereum to the wallet and is currently testing Ethereum on Test network in TestFlight and once completed will roll out support to SingleCoin. Additionally, the company has been receiving feedback on the wallet including some issues with older Android versions. We have pushed an update which should fix errors surrounding this issue. We will continue to provide updates to the app including bug fixes, support of additional tokens as well as the ability to purchase bitcoin and other tokens.  

Quote, “This has been a huge success in our eyes. We plan to line up more air time for the commercial. As our user base grows we are able to understand more information about cost of acquisition, time to reach certain bench marks and the ability to go add additional offerings in the goal to monetize this application,” end quote, states Wil Ralston, the president of the company.

SinglePoint has worked with AppSwarm to develop and launch the bitcoin wallet and will continue to launch additional services such as the application LastMile Delivery. An application supporting businesses with a delivery component and making it easier to manage and track deliveries for both the business and their customers.

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Regina Revazova